Agro-Meteorological Forecast for the Second Dekad (11th - 20th) of August, 2019


Date: Friday 9th of August 2019

Figure 1.

Figure 2.


The forecast for the second ten days of August (11th – 20th) 2019 favours mixed conditions alternating between dry and wet days with very hot temperatures, especially on dry days. There is a very good chance for beneficial rainfall for agriculture on most days with the first five days of the period likely to produce most of the rainfall over the period. Ten-day rainfall totals have a 72% chance of exceeding 60.0 mm in most areas with wettest areas likely to be in north and eastern areas of Trinidad and northeast Tobago where totals can range between 70-90 mm. These conditions are likely to be accompanied by maximum temperatures that are set to peak near 33.5⁰C in Trinidad and near 33.0⁰C in Tobago. Farmers should watch out for rapid development of certain pests and diseases due to the mixture of wet and humid conditions.